Friday, November 5, 2010

Thoughts on Blogging

I enjoy the community that blogging creates. I follow numerous other blogs on several different topics. But when it comes to writing my own, I fail. I never know what to say. After working 40+ hours a week I don't find the time for reading the deep books I loved to discuss while I was in college. I love crafts, both digital and otherwise, but they don't make it into the schedule -- well other than occasionally helping my sister with school assignments (does anyone really want to read about the several hours I spent online finding and cleaning up old pictures so she can use them to teach about Western Exploration?). I have no kids to tell funny stories about or to take to the zoo (anyone willing to let me borrow theirs for a few hours?). My grasp on the art of homemaking is tenuous at best, so you'll not be getting recipes, decorating ideas or cleaning ideas from me -- yet anyway. I don't have an exciting or interesting career. I've not been anywhere or seen anything in the last few years. "And life goes on much as it has this past age."

And so this blank page haunts me. I want to write ... I miss the craft: The writing and editing. The ink that fills the page letter by letter as I type. The magic that takes something as flat an standard as text and suddenly sends my ideas winging their way to other people -- living vibrant things now.

But what to say that hasn't been said? What to talk about when your experience is little? What to write when life is mundane and bleak?

Sometimes all there is to do is write.

And the irony is that today I actually had a post planned, but then I didn't feel like writing it.